"I grew up in a military family and learned the importance of public service at a young age. I have lived in Shawnee for nearly 40 years and I understand what is important to my constituents. We need to fund our public schools and infrastructure to keep our economy growing.  Kansans want and deserve access to healthcare.  We must do all we can to reduce the explosive suicide rate in our community and I will fight for Kansas to invest in mental health. Finally, I believe that government should be open and responsive to the people it serves, I will continue to vote in favor of legislation to make our work more transparent to the public. With nearly a decade of legislative experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental process, work across party lines, and get things done.  I would appreciate your vote on November 6th." ~Cindy Neighbor

I have been a public school advocate for nearly 30 years, serving on my local PTA, the Shawnee Mission School Board and voting for adequate and equitable funding in the legislature.  We took the first step last session to begin to restore school funding and I look forward to working with my colleagues across the aisle next session to finish our work.  I oppose any constitutional amendments that would intrude on the third branch of government and their ability to ensure we uphold the constitution.  I voted to reinstate teacher due process and against arming our teachers. I am proud to have received the endorsement of all local and state pro-public education organizations.


Kansans deserve access to health care and that is why I have voted to expand Medicaid which was passed by both the House and Senate in 2017 and vetoed by Governor Brownback.  We were able to eliminate the 4% Medicaid provider rate cut.  As a previous board member of Johnson County Mental Health Board, I am deeply concerned about the skyrocketing rise in youth suicides in our community.  We have made moderate restorations to mental health, but we have a long way to go and I will be a strong voice in our Capitol for additional funding for our community mental health programs.  


For several years under the Brownback administration government operated in a shroud of secrecy.  From anonymous bill sponsors to gut and go legislation Kansans have been kept in the dark.  Democrats and moderate Republicans worked to change some of the policies and thanks to a free press, the Kansa City Star did an excellent job exposing the lack of transparency and forcing the legislature and administration to act.  More must be done and I believe that government must be transparent and responsive to the people we serve. 


I recently took part in the Geological Survey state tour hosted by KU Geological Survey.  We covered the important topics of water, energy, and the environment and the natural resource challenges facing the state of Kansas.

Kansas has had an increase in frequency and magnitude of earthquakes. We need to ensure we have policies in place to reduce the frequency and to protect citizens and their properties when the cause is fracking. 


It has come to our attention that two neighborhoods in southeast Kansas were drinking contaminated water.   The state discovered dry cleaning chemicals had contaminated groundwater at a Haysville laundromat in 2011. KDHE waited 6 years to act. This is unacceptable and I will work with other members of the legislature to prevent something like this happening in the future.

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